JIC 37 degree flare hose fittings types

Date:Jun 18, 2019

JIC 37 degree flare hose fittings is designed by ISO 12151-5 and SAE J516 section 22.It is Hydraulic Hose fittings with ISO 8434-2 37° flared ends.

ISO 12151-5 types of Hose fittings with ISO 8434-2 37° flared ends.as follow:

Dimensions of straight male hose fitting (S)

Dimensions of straight female swivel hose fitting (SWS)

Dimensions of 45° elbow female swivel hose fitting (SWE45)

90° elbow female swivel hose fittings [short (SWES), medium (SWEM) and long (SWEL)]


ISO 12151-5 specifies the general and dimensional requirements for the design and performance of 37° flared hose fittings in accordance with ISO 8434-2, made of carbon steel, for nominal hose sizes of 6,3 mm through 51 mm inclusive in accordance with ISO 4397.


The ISO 12151-5 working pressure of the hose fitting shall be verified through testing conducted in accordance with ISO 19879, but the entire hose assembly shall be tested in accordance with ISO 6605. During the cyclic endurance test, the hose fitting shall be subjected to the number of cycles specified in the relevant hose specification.

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