ISO 8434-1 Manufacture Standard

Date:Jun 15, 2019

ISO 8434-1 Manufacture Standard specified construction, Workmanship, Finish and Corners.


ISO Carbon steel fitting connectors made from multiple components shall be bonded together with materials having a melting point of not less than 1 000 °C.


The ISO fitting connectors shall be free from defects such as cracks and porosity and shall be deburred. Sharp edges shall be removed on the outside. All machined surfaces shall have a material removal rate surface roughness value of MRR Ra ≤ 6,3, except where otherwise specified in the figures.


The external surface and threads of all carbon steel parts shall be plated or coated with a suitable material that passes a 72 h neutral salt spray test in accordance with ISO 9227, unless otherwise agreed upon by the manufacturer and the user. Any appearance of red rust during the salt spray test on any area, excepting the following, shall be considered failure:

All internal fluid passages;

Adges, such as hex points, serrations and crests of threads, where there may be mechanical deformation of the plating or coating typical of mass-produced parts or shipping effects;

Areas where there is mechanical deformation of the plating or coating caused by crimping, flaring,bending and other post-plate metal-forming operations;

Areas where the parts are suspended or affixed in the test chamber, where condensate can accumulate.

Internal fluid passages shall be protected from corrosion during storage. Weld components shall be protected from corrosion by an oil film or phosphate coating, or by other means that do not negatively affect weldability.

Cadmium plating is not allowed because of environmental concerns. Parts manufactured in accordance with this document shall not be cadmium-plated. Hexavalent chromate coatings are not preferred because of environmental concerns. Changes in plating can affect assembly torques and require requalification, when applicable.


Unless otherwise noted, all sharp corners shall be broken to 0,15 mm maximum.

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