ISO 8434-1 Design tube connector

Date:Jun 15, 2019

ISO 8434-1 Connectors has requirements for dimensions, passage, angular, contour details, ports and stud ends, stud end sealing.

Dimensions specified apply to finished parts, including any plating or other treatments. The tolerance value for all dimensions not otherwise limited shall be ±0,4 mm. The sealing seats of connectors shall be concentric with straight thread pitch diameters within 0,25 mm full indicator reading (FIR).

Passage tolerances

Where passages in straight connectors are machined from opposite ends, the offset at the meeting point shall not exceed 0,4 mm. No cross-sectional area at a junction of passages shall be less than that of the smallest specified passage.

Angular tolerances

Angular tolerance on axes of ends of elbows, tees and crosses shall be ±2,5° for connectors for tube sizes 10 mm and smaller, and ±1,5° for all larger sizes.

Contour details

Details of contour shall be chosen by the manufacturer provided the dimensions given in Tables 4 to 22 are maintained. Wrench flats on elbows and tees shall conform to the dimensions given in the relevant tables. Abrupt reduction of a section shall be avoided. Junctions of small external sections and adjoining sections that are relatively heavy shall be blended by means of ample fillets.

Ports and stud ends

These connectors shall be used for the connection of plain end tubes and hose connectors to ports in accordance with ISO 6149-1, ISO 1179-1 or ISO 9974-1. For new designs in hydraulic fluid power applications, only ports and stud ends in accordance with the relevant parts of ISO 6149 shall be used.

Stud end sealing

Unless otherwise agreed upon between the supplier and purchaser, seals for stud ends and weld nipples shall be included in the delivery.

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