ISO 6162-1 vs SAE J518-1 code 61 flange standards

Date:Jun 22, 2019

ISO 6162-1:2012 and SAE J518-1 JAN2013 standard are for the same product with hydraulic flange port and clamp connections.

Differences between two standards as follows:

ISO 6162-1:2012 standard is for  Hydraulic fluid power  Flange connections with split or one-piece flange clamps and metric or inch screws.

Hydraulic Flange connectors, ports and clamps mounting surfaces for use at pressures of 3,5 MPa (35 bar) to 35 MPa (350 bar), DN 13 to DN 127.

SAE J518-1:2013 standard is Hydraulic Flanged Tube, Pipe, and Hose Connections, 4-Screw Flange Connection 3.5 MPa to 35 MPa (Code 61 ). ISO 61 62 was adopted and SAE flange clamps  added metric bolts.This standard is to be harmonized with the current ISO 61 62-1.

This ISO 6162-1 gives general and dimensional specifications for fanged heads, split flange clamps (FCS and FCSM), one-piece flange clamps (FC and FCM), ports and mounting surfaces applicable to four screw, split and one-piece flange clamp type tube connectors and hose fittings for use at pressures of 3,5 MPa (35 bar 1) ) to 35 MPa (350 bar). It also specifies the dimensions of the seals to be used, as well as the grooves that house the seals.

This SAE J581-1 Standard covers general and dimensional specifications for the Code 61 metric (type 1 ) and inch (type 2) flanged heads, flange clamps (FC & FCM), and split flange clamps (FCS & FCSM) applicable to four-screw flange type tube, pipe, and hose connections. Also, included are the recommended port dimensions and port design considerations. Type 2 (inch) flange clamps and split flanges are not for new design.

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