ISO 6133 Rubber multi-peak traces Standard

Date:Jun 20, 2019

BS ISO 6133 standard is for  Rubber and plastics Analysis of multi-peak traces obtained in determinations of tear strength and adhesion strength.


This International Standard specifies five methods of calculating, after testing, the tear strength and the adhesion strength of vulcanized rubber or fabrics coated with or adhered to rubber or plastics.

The results are calculated by determining the median and range of peak values from a graphical plot of force versus time recorded during the test.


A trace for an adhesion strength test or tear strength test can show few or many force peaks, depending on the material under investigation. The choice of the method of calculation depends on the number of peaks in the trace.

The purpose of this International Standard is to obtain more uniformity in the evaluation and

presentation of test results. It is applicable only, however, when specified in another International Standard, i.e. a method of test or a specification.

For other details, such as apparatus, test piece preparation, conditioning, procedure, etc., requirements given in the relevant International Standard shall apply.

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