ISO 1817 pdf test liquids oil 1 2 standard

Date:Jun 20, 2019

ISO 1817 standard is for Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic with Determination of the

effect of liquids.  


This ISO 1817 International Standard describes methods of evaluating the resistance of vulcanized and thermoplastic rubbers to the action of liquids by measurement of properties of the rubbers before and after immersion in test liquids. The liquids concerned include current service liquids, such as petroleum derivatives, organic solvents and chemical reagents, as well as reference test liquids.


ISO 1817 Standard simulated fuels

Commercial fuels vary widely in composition even within the same grade (i.e. knock-rating) and from the same source. There are hydrocarbon-based fuels with and without oxygen compounds as well as alcohol-based fuels. The grade of gasoline is improved by adding aromatic or oxygen-containing compounds, but these additives increase the effect of fuels on normally fuel-resistant rubbers.


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