Hydraulic flanges SAE J518 ISO 6162 JIS B8363 DIN 2006 Standards

Date:May 06, 2020

This Hydraulic Flange connection is commonly used in fluid power system of hydraulic machinery, standard of flange connections is from different countries and industrial standards such as USA SAE J518, International standards ISO 6162, Japanese industrial JIS B8363, Germany DIN 20066.

There are two pressure ratings. Code 61 Form R, PN 35/350 bar, Type I, is referred to as the standard” series and Code 62 Form S, PN 415 bar, Type II, is the “heavy duty“ “6000 psi” series. The design concept for both series is the same, but the bolt hole spacing and flanged head diameters are larger for the higher pressure, Code 62 connection.

The female (port) is an threaded hole with four bolt holes in a rectangular pattern around the port. The male consists of a flanged head, grooved for an O-Ring, and either a captive flange or split flange halves with bolt holes to match the port. The seal take place on the O-Ring, which is compressed between the flange head and the flat surface surrounding the port. The threaded bolts hold the connection together.

SAE J518, DIN 20066, ISO/DIS 6162 and JIS B 8363 are interchangeable, except for bolt sizes. All Code 61 flange head hose couplings meet or exceed SAE J518 Code 61 requirements for hydraulic split flange connections. The Code 61 flange head design can withstand a maximum operating pressure of 3000 to 5000 psi depending on size.

SAE J518 4-Bolt Flange size chart

SAE J518 4-Bolt Flange

ISO DIS 6162 4 Bolt Flange size chart

ISO DIS 6162 4 Bolt Flange

DIN 20066 4 Bolt Flange size chart

DIN 20066 4 Bolt Flange size chart

JIS B 8363 4 Bolt Flange size chart

JIS B 8363 4 Bolt Flange size chart

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