How to use the coupling safely

Date:Jul 09, 2018

The coupling is the intermediate connecting part of each moving mechanism, which has a direct influence on the normal operation of each moving mechanism. Therefore, it must be noted when using:

1 Couplings are not allowed to exceed the specified axial line skew and radial displacement, so as not to affect their transmission performance.           

2 The bolts of the Rings coupling shall not be loose or defective.

3 gear coupling and cross slide coupling should be lubricated regularly, usually grease is added once every 2~3 months to avoid severe wear of the teeth, causing serious consequences.

4 Gear coupling tooth width contact length shall not be less than 70%; its axial yaw shall not exceed 5mm.

5 Couplings are not allowed to have cracks. If there are cracks, they need to be replaced (can be tapped with a small hammer, judged by sound).

6 The keys of the Rings coupling should be tightly fitted and must not be loose.

7 The tooth thickness of the gear coupling is worn. When the lifting mechanism exceeds 15% of the original tooth thickness, it should be scrapped when the operating mechanism exceeds 25%. It should also be scrapped when there is a broken tooth.

8 The elastic ring of the pin coupling, the sealing ring of the gear coupling, if damaged and aging, pay attention to timely replacement.


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