how to tighten jic fittings

Date:Aug 26, 2019

how to work as Torqure value of jic fittings?

 how to work jic fittings

JIC 37° fare fttings seal with metal to metal contact between the fared nose of the ftting and the fared tube face in the female connection.

Here is Flared Fitting Assembly Instructions:

STEP 1: Inspect for possible contamination or damage from shipping or handling. Sealing surface should be smooth. Annular tool marks of 100uin concentric with thread are permissible.

STEP 2: Lubricate the threads and the entire surface of the cone with hydraulic fuid or a light lubricant.

STEP 3: Align mating components for hand connection and turn fare nut until sealing surfaces make full contact.

STEP 4: Torque nut to the values shown in the table on the left hand side of this page. If a wrench pad is provided next to nut, place a second wrench on pad to prevent fare from rotating while being torqued.

STEP 5: When torquing nut onto a straight fared ftting, it may be necessary to also place a wrench on the fared ftting wrench pad to prevent it from turning during assembly. 


Alternate Assembly Method:

STEP 1: If torque method not possible, follow steps 1-3 above, then proceed to the steps below.

STEP 2: Lightly wrench tighten the nut until there is frm resistance.

STEP 3: Place a wrench on wrench pad next to nut as near the 6 o’clock position as possible.

STEP 4: Place second wrench on nut as near the 3 o’clock position as possible.

STEP 5: Turn nut clockwise to no less than the 4 o’clock position, but no more than the 6 o’clock position. Required rotation generally decreases as size increases.


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