Flared fittings vs flareless fittings compression fittings

Date:Mar 17, 2020

JIC flared fittings, ms flareless fittings and din compression fittings is belong to hydraulic tube fittings category. Flared fittings has 3 types such as JIC 37 degree flare fittings, SAE 45 degree flare fittings, JIS 30 degree flare fittings; flareless fittings as a type of compression fittings, with different standards as follows:

Ms/As flareless fittings is military standard Designed primarily for high-pressure (3,000 psi) hydraulic systems that may be subjected to severe vibration or fluctuating pressure. Using this type of fitting eliminates all tube flaring, yet provides a safe and strong, dependable tube con nection. The fitting consists of three parts: a body, a sleeve, and a nut.

Compression fittings DIN 2353  is Deutsches Institut für Normung, they are used extensively in Germany and throughout Europe in many industries. It is also called cutting ring fittings, ferrule fittings and flareless fittings, most poplur metric fittings in the world.


Flared fittings is most poplur fittings in USA, Canada area, they are used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, CNC lathe, rubber machinery, processing machine , automotive, aircraft, motocycle etc. Most three types of flare fittings as follows:


JIC 37 degree flare fittings is according to SAE J514 and ISO 834-2 standard, it is 37 degreee tube connector.

JIS 30 degree flare fittings is according to JIS B8363 standard,, it used as hydraulic hose adapters.

SAE 45 degree flare fittings is according to SAE J512 automotive tube fittings and SAE J513 refrigeration tube fittings.


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