DIN 934 vs ISO 4032 specification standard

Date:Jun 06, 2019

DIN 934 is Hexagon nuts with metric coarse and fine pitch thread Product classes A and B

ISO 4032 is Hexagon regular nuts (style 1) — Product grades A and B


DIN 934 and ISO 4032 is the same and interchangeable.  

DIN 934 standard specifies requirements for M 1 to M 160 hexagon nuts, assigned to product grade A (up to size M 16) or product grade B (for sizes above M 16). If, in special cases, nuts are to comply with specifications other than those given in this standard, e.g. regarding property class, they shall be selected in accordance with the relevant standards.

ISO 4032 International Standard specifies the characteristics of hexagon regular nuts (style 1), with threads from M1,6 up to and including M64, with product grade A for threads D ≤ M16 and product grade B for threads D > M16.

If, in special cases, specifications other than those listed in this International Standard are required, they can be selected from existing International Standards, for example ISO 724, ISO 898-2, ISO 965-1, ISO 3506-2 and ISO 4759-1.

NOTE For hexagon high nuts (style 2), see ISO 4033.

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