DIN 3852 teil 11 form E part dimension

Date:Sep 29, 2019

DIN 3852-11pdf standard explained Screwed stud-ends type E design dimensions and tapped holes; Used for compression fittings, flareless fittings, flare fittings, cutting ring fittings, valves, screw plugs etc.


It is also the same to ISO 1179 standard. It is complentment for DIN 3852-1 and DIN 3852-2 port.

 DIN 3852-11 Form E seal correct assembly

The correct assembly of E seal as the picture

 The design dimensions of Type E as follow:

 DIN 3852-11 Form E design drawing

Two Thread type of E dimension: Metric thread ED and BSPP G thread ED.

DIN 3852-11 Form E Metric G thread dimension chart

The pictures is the usage of compression tube fittings with type E stud fittings in hydraulic equipment.

 DIN 3852 part 11 form E  sud fitting usage in hydraulic equipment


We also can offer you the related port stud fittings as follows:

DIN fittings stud port 

JIC fittings stud port

ORFS fitting stud port 

DIN 3852-11  Form E seal stud fitting guide to application

This picture showed: 1.  Finished BSPP thread stud fitting with E form; 2. ED seal assemblied into fittings; 3. fittings with ED seal is assemblied into ports. 


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