DIN 2391 standard Specification

Date:Jun 05, 2019


DIN 2391 including two parts:

Part 1 is DIN 2391-1, Seamless precision steel tubes - Dimensions.

Part 2 is DIN 2391-2, Seamless precision steel tubes - Technical delivery conditions

DIN 2391 is included in DIN Handbook 3 and 272. Gives dimensions for seamless precision steel tubes; these tube dimensions have been selected from the range of manufacturable tube dimensions which are mainly used as design elements. The tube dimensions follow ISO/DIS 3304.


References as such:

BS 7416 - Specification for Precision finished seamless cold-drawn low carbon steel tubes for use in hydraulic fluid power systems

BS 7388 - Guide for Prevention of leaks from hydraulic fluid power systems


The main products of steel / steel grade: DIN2391-1(ST35, ST45, ST52).


for Atuo use

for machinery use such as Sany, XGCM etc excavator.

Oil cylinder tube;

Motorcycle shock reducer steel tubes

Auto shock reducer inner cylinder

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