DIN 2353 vs ISO 8434-1 Standards

Date:May 28, 2019

DIN 2353 and ISO 8434-1 is the same standard for metric hydraulic fittings, with cutting ring type fittings, also called bite type fittings, and compression tube fittings. The important thing is to inter-changeable for each other. Same 24 cone connector end, same assembly with nut, cutting ring. 



The differences are between DIN 2353 and ISO 8434-1 as follows:


DIN 2353:2013 Non-soldering compression fittings with cutting ring - Complete fittings and survey.

DIN EN ISO 8434-1 Metallic tube connections for fluid power and general use – Part 1: 24 degree cone connectors (ISO 8434-1:2007) English version of DIN EN ISO 8434-1:2008-02

Scopes of shape and dimensions:

DIN 2353:  provides a survey on the shape and dimensions of fittings composed of standardized fitting parts and which are not contained in DIN EN ISO 8434-1.

ISO 8434-1 specifies the general and dimensional requirements for 24° cone connectors,  using cutting ring and O-ring seal cone (referred to as DKO) suitable for use with ferrous and non-ferrous tubes,  with outside diameters from 4 mm to 42mm inclusive.

Port standards:

DIN 2353: standard applies for complete non-soldering compression fittings with cutting ring designed with stud ends according to DIN 3852-1 and DIN 3852-2.

ISO 8434-1  are intended for the connection of plain end tubes and hose fittings to ports in accordance with ISO 6149-1, ISO 1179-1 and ISO 9974-1. (See ISO 12151-2 for related hose fitting specification.)

DIN 2353:  standard is intended for selection and determination of the size of complete fittings. This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 082-00-07 AA "Rohrverschraubungen" ("Tube connections") at the Piping and Boiler Plant Standards Committee (NARD).

ISO 8434-1  connectors are for use in fluid power and general applications within the limits of pressure and temperature specified in this part of ISO 8434.


The other  DIN Standards corresponding to the International Standards as follows:


ISO 5598 E DIN ISO 5598

ISO 6149-1 DIN ISO 6149-1

ISO 6149-2 DIN ISO 6149-2

ISO 6149-3 DIN ISO 6149-3

ISO 9974-1 DIN EN ISO 9974-1

ISO 9974-2 DIN EN ISO 9974-2

ISO 9974-3 DIN EN ISO 9974-3

ISO 12151-2 DIN ISO 12151-2

ISO 19879 DIN EN ISO 19879

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