Dimensions of male staple lock fittings adapters

Date:Oct 08, 2020

Staple lok fittings can be designed male to hose end fittings, hydraulic adapter fittings and weld fittings, Male clip fastener size fittings as per SAE J1467 as follow:

 4Dimensions of male staple lock fittings adapters

The male staple-lock nipple shall be manufactured from 1.0718 steel per EN10277-3 (Bright

steel products. Technical delivery conditions. Free cutting steels), minimum tensile 345 Mpa,

minimum UTS 200 Mpa.

 Dimensions of male staple lock fittings adapters size

Note: All male and female 420 bar rated nipples and couplers shall be constructed from one (1)

piece forgings, cold headed or machined from bar stock. Fittings fabricated from multiple

components are not permissible without written approval by customer engineers.

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