Coupling selection skills

Date:May 08, 2018

Please select the most suitable coupling according to the type, use and environment of the motor. After determining the coupling type, please determine the combination and specifications of the hole size according to the dimensions and specifications listed in the data.

◆When used with servo motor

The servo motor can transmit high torque in a high-speed area and is suitable for high-speed, high-precision positioning. G8L, G8S, G7L, G7S, G6C, G6T, G6E, G5C, G5E, G3C, G3CM can be selected, or it can be selected according to the rated power and rated torque of the servo motor. Please refer to the page of the data for the specifications of each coupling product. For details of the servo motor, please refer to the relevant catalogue of each motor manufacturer. The above is the recommended coupling type when used with a non-coupling reducer.

◆When used with stepper motor

The stepper motor delivers high torque in low speed zones for high precision positioning. G1T, G2T, G2C, G3T, G3C, G6T, G6C series couplings are available.

◆When used with ordinary motors

G6T, G6C, G4T, G4C, G9C series couplings are available.

◆When used with encoder

G1T, T1TM, G3TM, G3CM, G5T series miniature flexible couplings are available.

◆When used in special working environment

In the corrosion-resistant environment, stainless steel couplings such as G1TS, T2TS, G2CS, G3TS, G3CS, and G5CS can be selected. For high-temperature environments, slider couplings G4T and G4C made of high temperature resistant materials can be selected.

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