Coupling installation and maintenance

Date:Jun 05, 2018

The overall dimensions of the coupling, ie the maximum radial and axial dimensions, must be within the allowable installation space of the machine. It should be convenient to assemble and disassemble, no maintenance, long maintenance period or easy maintenance, and replace the consumables without moving the two shafts and adjusting the alignment easily.

It is more difficult to adjust the two axes of large machinery and equipment. It is better to use a coupling that is durable and easy to replace consumables. Metal Elastic Element Flexible Couplings generally have a longer service life than non-metallic Elastic Element Flexible Couplings. Sealing lubrication and the use of non-durable couplings will inevitably increase maintenance. For long-term continuous operation and high economic efficiency, such as the high-speed end of the rolling mill drive system of China's metallurgical enterprises, the gear coupling is generally used at present. Although the gear coupling is theoretically transmitted, the torque must be Durable work under conditions of lubrication and sealing.

It is necessary to check the sealing condition frequently, inject lubricating oil or grease, maintain the workload, increase the auxiliary working hours, reduce the effective working time and affect the production efficiency. In industrialized countries in the world, diaphragm couplings with long service life and no lubrication and maintenance have been widely used to replace drum-shaped gear couplings, which not only improves economic efficiency, but also purifies the working environment. In the rolling mill transmission system, the elastic joint coupling and the fan-shaped elastic coupling developed by China are selected, which not only has the advantages of the diaphragm coupling, but also has good buffer damping effect and is cheaper.


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