Caterpillar Flange vs Poclain Flange Komatsu Flange differences

Date:May 06, 2020

How to identify different types of SAE flange ?


Caterpillar Flange and Komatsu Flange is construction machinery manufacturing company’s standards, and two type of flanges is based on SAE J518 flange standard, SAE Flanges is a range of high pressure hydraulic flange which is made in accordance to SAE J518 standards. The acronym SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers. These two types of sae flanges used in hydraulic excavator, hydraulic loaders.

 Caterpillar flange size chart

Komatsu Flange SAE size chart

Poclain Flange is hydrostatic transmissions manufacturing company’s standard, it is based on SAE J518 4 bolt flange standards, used in hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves and hydraulic power unit.

 Poclain Flange SAE size chart

The difference of three kinds flanges is the changes of flange head drop end length, and flange o-ring groove size, custom split flange shapes. The same place is the 4 bolt position and size as per ISO 6162 and SAE J518 standards.


Factors used to identify different types of flanges SAE flange Komatsu Flange, Caterpillar Flanges

Factors include the outer diameter, inner diameter, number of bolt holes, bolt hole diameter, and the bolt circle. Thickness play a vital role in identifying a flange by how high of a pressure it can withstand because thicker flanges can withstand higher pressures in an application


How to measure

Four Bolt Flange - First measure the port hole diameter using the caliper. Next, measure the longest bolt hole spacing from

centre-to-centre (Dimension “A”) or measure the flanged head diameter. O.D.

There are three exceptions:

1. The size -10, which is common outside of North America is not an SAE Standard size.

2. Caterpillar flanges, which are the same flange O.D. as SAE Code 62, have a thicker flange head.

3. Poclain flanges, which are completely different from SAE flanges.

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