Cat SAE Flange Stainless steel type

Date:May 14, 2020

Stainless steel SAE Flange catalog including many type, such as hydraulic SAE flanges, SAE split flange, SAE flange 6000 psi,SAE counter flange, SAE 3000 psi flange, socket weld SAE flange,SAE flange fittings, SAE blind flanges etc.


Connection type of SAE flanges to different lines such as hydraulic tubing, hydraulic hose assembly,piping system and pipe adapter for various industrial machinery. For more information on different connection types of SAE Flange catalog, please refer to the link below:

Socket weld SAE flange

Butt weld SAE flange

Thread SAE flange

SAE 37degree flare flange

Working pressure types of SAE flanges stainless steel are made per SAE J518 / ISO 6162 standards. SAE Code 61 Flanges 3000 PSI working pressure, SAE Code 62 Flanges 6000 PSI working pressure.


Material types of stainless steel SAE flanges is AISI SS316L, AISI SS316,AISI SS304, AISI SS304L.

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