Metric stud ORB fittings

Metric stud ORB fittings

Product Types: Metric Bite Type Tube Fittings- Tube to stud connector Industry Standards: DIN 3861, ISO 8434-1, SAE J2244, ISO 6149-2 Connection E to F style: 24 ° cone end to Bulkhead, swivel with o- ring, weld-on/weld-in, stud, reducer Shape: Elbow, 90 degree elbow etc. Working pressure: 16-63...

Metric stud ORB fittings

Working pressure: 16-63 Mpa

Fittings Material: Brass; Carbon steel; Stainless Steel   

Application: Agriculture Equipment, Automotive Process, Chemical Transfer, Construction Equipment, Fuel transfer, Hydraulic, Manufacturing Equipment, Marine, Material Handling, Mobile Equipment, Oilfield, Packaging, Transportation

1CH 1DH-RN metric stud hydraulic fittings ISO 6149 Dimension Size table chart as follows



        E      F      TUBE O.D.

1CH-12-10       M12X1.5 M10X1    6

1CH-14        M14X1.5 M14X1.5 8

1CH-14-12       M14X1.5 M12X1.5 8

1CH-16-14       M16X1.5 M14X1.5 10

1CH-18-14       M18X1.5 M14X1.5 12

1CH-14-18       M14X1.5 M18X1.5 8

1CH-16        M16X1.5 M16X1.5 10

1CH-16-18       M16X1.5 M18X1.5 10

1CH-18-16       M18X1.5 M16X1.5 12

1CH-22-16       M22X1.5 M16X1.5 15

1CH-22-18       M22X1.5 M18X1.5 15

1CH-16-22       M16X1.5 M22X1.5 10

1CH-22-20       M22X1.5 M20X1.5 15

1CH-22        M22X1.5 M22X1.5 15

1CH-26-22       M26X1.5 M22X1.5 18

1CH-26       M26X1.5   M26X1.5 18

1CH-26-27       M26X1.5 M27X2    18

1CH-26-33       M26X1.5 M33X2    18

1CH-30-22       M30X2    M22X1.5 22

1CH-30-27       M30X2    M27X2    22

1CH-30        M30X2  M30X2     22

1CH-36-27       M36X2    M27X2    28

1CH-36-33       M36X2    M33X2    28

1CH-36-42       M36X2    M42X2    28

1CH-45-33       M45X2    M33X2    35

1CH-45-42       M45X2    M42X2    35

1CH-52-48       M52X2    M48X2    42

1DH-14          M14X1.5 M14X1.5  6

1DH-14-12       M14X1.5 M12X1.5 6

1DH-16-14       M16X1.5 M14X1.5 8

1DH-18-16       M18X1.5 M16X1.5 10

1DH-20-14       M20X1.5 M14X1.5 12

1DH-20-16       M20X1.5 M16X1.5 12

1DH-20-18       M20X1.5 M18X1.5 12

1DH-20-22       M20X1.5 M22X1.5 12

1DH-24-22       M24X1.5 M22X1.5 16

1DH-30        M30X2  M30X2   20  

1DH-30-27       M30X2    M27X2    20

1DH-30-33       M30X2    M33X2    20

1DH-36-27       M36X2    M27X2    25

1DH-36-33       M36X2    M33X2    25

1DH-42        M42X2  M42X2     30

1DH-42-48       M42X2    M48X2    30

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