JIC Hydraulic Fittings

JIC hydraulic fitting is USA most popular type
SAE J514 six sections as follows
JIC fitting catalog from tube to other connects


JIC hydraulic fitting is the most popular type of hydraulic adapter fittings, in USA and Canada. JIC is joint industry council define a 37 degree flare fittings, it is used in fuel delivery and hydraulic power applications. JIC system consist of male jic fittings seat female jic fitting with swivel nut, to inch seamless tubes.


These fittings are capable of providing leakproof, full flow connections in hydraulic systems operating at working pressures, is defined by SAE J514 and  MIL-DTL-18866 standards, the six sections as follows:

Section 1—37 Degree Flare Tube Fittings

Section 2—Flareless Tube Fittings

Section 3—O-ring Plugs (for O-ring Ports see SAE J1926)

Section 4—Hydraulic Pipe Fittings (formerly SAE J926)

Section 5—Adapter Unions (formerly in SAE J516)

Section 6—Tables for Calculating Dimensions on Special Sizes


Jiayuan produce this fittings as per ISO 8434-2, it is also sae hydraulic fittings. We supply 37° flare fittings to Botcat, Doosan hydraulic fittings, CNH hydraulic fittings.


We also supply JIC fitting catalog from tube to other connects such as:

JIC  to NPT adapters

JIC to BSPT adapters

JIC fittings VS AN

JIC size chart

JIC tube nut and sleeve


JIC hydraulic fittings assemblied to hydraulic stations

JIC Hydraulic fittings technical drawings please contact us.

JIC fitting drawing of plug

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